Villains also get Second chance
Villains also get Second chance

Villains also get Second chance

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Villains also get Second chance novel is a popular light novel covering Smut, Romance, Drama genres. Written by the author nishidurani. 386 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Marianne edeLuca got married tothe Arch Duke ofForchestier Empire, ashis second wife.

Inthe greed tohave her own child, with her husband, She hated Killian the current heir and only son ofDuke Cassius.
She made every attempt totorture him and even made schemes tokill him.

She even became crazy tothe limit offorgetting Duke, the love ofher life.

Killian, when became anadult the first hedid was tokill his evil stepmother.
When dying, she realised her faults but itwas too late.

«Ifonly Iwill get asecond chance, Iwill beagood mother tohim» that was her last words when she died.

But the next morning when she woke upshe was back tothe time when she got married.

Would she mend her ways orfollow the same destiny again.

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