Villain Hides His True Colors
Villain Hides His True Colors

Villain Hides His True Colors

빌런이 본색을 숨김

112Chapters 3.4KViews 53Bookmarked Ongoing Status

Villain Hides His True Colors novel is a popular light novel covering Adventure, Comedy, Action, Mature genres. Written by the author 당신의5분. 112 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


What does itmean tolive when it’s sopainful? Ayoung boy thought about itfor days and days, but hecouldn’t think ofananswer.

Tohim, every day was like anightmare…

Until one day, when the answer came tohim.


[Level has risen.]

This isastory ofavillain who hid his true colors and vowed tobecome ahero.

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