Unserious Beast Tamer
Unserious Beast Tamer

Unserious Beast Tamer

118Chapters 4.9KViews 42Bookmarked Ongoing Status

Unserious Beast Tamer novel is a popular light novel covering Psychological, Romance genres. Written by the author The book shortage forced me to write. 118 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


Good news: I’ve time traveled, and I have a system.

Bad news: This system is far from serious!

Xu Ran watched his pet beasts, which trembled and made bizarre noises after being given a washing and protection, became disoriented and howled all night after being fed, and behaved more and more oddly after training. He fell into deep thought.

How was he supposed to explain to these pet beasts’ Beast Masters that he was indeed a serious person?!

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