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Unlucky?Player novel is a popular light novel covering Adventure, Game, Sci-fi, Action, Comedy genres. Written by the author Myth_7754. 238 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


'Genesis 2076', created bygenius scientist and programmer Kenny Smith, isaVRMMORPG that revolves around Greek Mythology! With the help offuturistic technology, Genesis, allows players tofully utilize their real-life abilities and offers them the choice topave anentirely different path for themselves!

Luke Stone, the unluckiest man alive, isa22yr old college student atUoT. Having reached the peaks ofacademics aswell ascombat sports, Luke didn’t care for anything else THIS world had tooffer.

Genesis offers Luke another life, another reality, unfortunately, his luck tagged along making his experience in-game alot more interesting.


Author: Also, I'm not a professional author and don't consider myself anywhere close to one as well, as I continue to write I can assure you my quality will improve (^_^)

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