Unfortunate Hero's Retirement Life
Unfortunate Hero's Retirement Life

Unfortunate Hero's Retirement Life

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Unfortunate Hero's Retirement Life novel is a popular light novel covering Harem, Romance, Slice of Life, Tragedy, Supernatural genres. Written by the author HotIce. 365 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Atthe most unfortunate day which also the luckiest day for Xing Heero, his village was attacked byaspecter. Helost family, his childhood sweetheart, helost everything. However, onthe same day, the strongest man called Saint picked him upashis disciple.

After years oftraining under the strongest man, Saint. Tofulfill his Grandfather’s dream tobeaGreat Hero, Heero started his career asaHero. Heero was determined tokill specter and would not let any child experienced the same experience ashim.

However, maybe hehad used all his luck toget the strongest man ashis Master. Somehow, all ofhis achievement was stolen bythe other heroes. The unfortunate event kept happening toHeero which led all ofhis achievement being robbed bythe other Heroes.

Inthe last ofhis unfortunate event, hetried tokill God Specter, but itonly ended him upsealed inEternalIce. The last moment before Heero lost consciousness, hevowed hewould retire asHero.

«Father! Mother! Iwill beobedient! Iwill stop tobeHero and continue our family line, please release mefrom this Eternal Ice!»

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