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Unbound novel is a popular light novel covering Adventure, Mystery, Action, Fantasy, Isekai genres. Written by the author Necariin. 748 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


ANew World. AThousand Threats. Welcome toThe Continent.

Felix’s life onEarth had become aseries ofdead-end jobs, ruined relationships, and rotating apartments smaller than most postage stamps. Byall accounts, even his own, hewas acoward. Too afraid tomove forward, totake risks. Yet when given the chance tochoose between risking his life orwalking away from adeadly encounter, hedidn’t hesitate.

Moments before his untimely demise, Felix was snatched from earth and thrust into amagical world known only as‘The Continent’. Empowered bythe ‘System,' helearns that hecan strengthen himself through combat and dedication. Tosurvive he’ll have topush himself beyond his limits, orelse fall tothe monsters all around him.

Levels, stats, and magic. Death isthe start ofaterrible fate, but ifhelives…who knows what hewill become.


[Participant inthe Royal Road Writathon challenge]

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