Touch of Fate
Touch of Fate

Touch of Fate

360Chapters 9.8KViews 38Bookmarked Ongoing Status

Touch of Fate novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Drama, Adventure genres. Written by the author mobius_factor. 360 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


Michael Rasmussen, a.k.a. Mike, lived anordinary and uneventful life, until hewas killed inanaccident. Surprisingly, orperhaps asexpected, hefound himself face toface with agoddess ofreincarnation.

Due tothe unusual aspects ofhis death, Mike could nolonger bereborn inhis own world. So, heended upinafantasy realm ofmagic, monsters, and avideo game-like skill system.

Exciting asthis new life was toalong time fantasy fan, his arrival has set many things inmotion. His very presence iswarping the destiny ofthe entire world and disrupting the path laid out bythe world’s divinities.

Trapped inagrowing web ofcompeting powers who take note ofhis actions, Mike can only depend onhis own strength. Hemust fight for his place inthis world orrisk becoming avictim totheir machinations.

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