The Trash Wants to Live
The Trash Wants to Live

The Trash Wants to Live

망나니는 살고 싶다

86Chapters 2.9KViews 39Bookmarked Completed Status

The Trash Wants to Live novel is a popular light novel covering Shounen, Mature, Supernatural, Drama, Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Harem, Shounen Ai genres. Written by the author Bism. 86 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


I possessed the villain and final boss of the original novel after once complaining about the story.

He is Ki Yoon Jae, the incompetent representative of the gifted guild!

In order to survive without dying immediately, he needs to make an ally. But…

[Let’s predict what will happen if Ha Hyun Seo were to discover that you are not Ki Yoon Jae.]

“So, you’re not him? You’re not Yoon Jae hyung?”

If you reveal that you are possessing the original to your allies, it’s game over.

At long last, I met the main character who gave me a death flag from the original story.

That’s how it was for a year.

But when an unknown gate appeared in Korea, I received a strange skill from God.

[If you have this, you too can become gifted! You can borrow abilities through kissing!]

So… Do you want me to kiss those gifted people? Besides, what’s up with the look in the eyes of the bastard around me?

“Don’t you want to know what my abilities are? How to use them, how they feel…”

“As I’ve always said, I’m on your side. I’ll do whatever you want.”

[No matter what kind of life the player lives, God will watch over you. God bless you!]

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