The Slime Farmer
The Slime Farmer

The Slime Farmer

129Chapters 2.1KViews 37Bookmarked Ongoing Status

The Slime Farmer novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Adventure, Slice of Life, Drama, Comedy genres. Written by the author Jin_Daoran. 129 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


Desislaf Rimet isthe eleventh son ofthe Lord ofRimet, the sixteenth child. Hehas failed the Trials that would make his family proud and cement his station asanoble worthy ofhis family’s name.

Hediscovers that his father plotted todeliberately make him fail and itisthe end ofall heknows. Hecannot behappy inhis father’s court, and leaves.

After all, there’s aWorld Gate conveniently inhis father’s territory, isn’t there? Hewill leave tosee the wonders that await him inanother world!

Only… the world beyond ismore complicated than heimagined.

Also, what isthis slime? Ananimal, avegetable, orsome mystery being?

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