The Newt and Demon
The Newt and Demon

The Newt and Demon

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The Newt and Demon novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Slice of Life, Action genres. Written by the author emgriffiths. 297 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


Earth is dying. The sun is expanding at an uncontrollable rate, but Theo Spencer is alright with this. He's led a deplorable life as a government assassin, spending his days removing political opponents in far-off lands. When the end comes, a mysterious entity grants him the gift of reincarnation. The gift of a quiet life as an alchemist.

Theo awakens in a small town in the southern reaches of a small kingdom in a non-human body. Broken Tusk doesn't seem like much, but his legendary alchemy skills will soon turn their fortune.

Join Theo on his journey to turn the swamp-town of Broken Tusk into a prosperous trade town.


This story contains no romantic elements, no combat, and no bad vibes. From the start, to the finish, it's all alchemy all the time.

Schedule is m-w-f.

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