The Journey of Projection Upgrading
The Journey of Projection Upgrading

The Journey of Projection Upgrading


272Chapters 7.4KViews 31Bookmarked Completed Status

The Journey of Projection Upgrading novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Supernatural, Action, Adventure, Martial Arts, Xuanhuan genres. Written by the author Salted Fish Jienan. 272 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


In a world where spiritual energy is reviving, ancient sects that have been dormant for many years are on the brink of resurgence.

Among the mundane, martial arts sects monopolize the inheritance of martial arts, while ancient immortal races roam the world. Chen An arrives at this juncture, taking on the role of a junior disciple within a faction, gazing bewildered at this world.

By his side, factions engage in internal strife for power and profit, while demons cause chaos and gods and ghosts walk among mortals.

Faced with such chaos, the only thing he can do is to make good use of the upgrade template he brought along.

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