The Hunter That Returned From Hell
The Hunter That Returned From Hell

The Hunter That Returned From Hell

143Chapters 8.3KViews 43Bookmarked Completed Status

The Hunter That Returned From Hell novel is a popular light novel covering Adventure, Action genres. Written by the author Rish_madara. 143 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


18 years old YiKang-Ho’s life was perfect until hewas sucked into aportal which transported toaHell like world. Inthis world hehad fight creatures, monsters, demons. Herisked his life for 400 years and one faithful day hemanaged tosomehow escape the Hell and came back toearth but even after spending 400 years there only 2 years had gone byonEarth.

Earth was totally different from before dungeons appeared everywhere, Hunters became the new government ofthe new world and the world became dog eat dog world.

Follow the journey ofKang-Ho inthis new world filled with adventures.

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