The Grand Duelist
The Grand Duelist

The Grand Duelist

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The Grand Duelist novel is a popular light novel covering Romance, Action, Fantasy, Adventure genres. Written by the author Theadventurer. 202 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Left alone, scarred and swimming with debt after his parents' death. Our protagonist, Joseph isnow onthe quest oferasing his debt along with keeping himself afloat without being homeless…

Left without other choices, heturned tothe world ofVictory for solace only tofind out that everything wasn’t sosimple like heexpected. Even after two months ofcomplete dedication tothe game. Hehasn’t achieved any ofhis goals atall…

But fortunately, lady luck soon blessed his hopeless life… Hemanaged onerasing his debt, angering the gods living above the heavens and even acquiring aMythical Class! But Joseph isayoung man left with scars due tohis past. Can heeven become someone suitable for the grandeur ofaMythical Class? The Sun that Overlooks Everything?

«Aye wait bro, don’t attack ye- Sike! You thought!»

«Alice, Ireally love itthat you keep yourself feminine for the sake ofyour Swordsmanship. But can you not wear skirts while we’re practicing? Ican basically see what’s underneath.»

«Abyssal Flame Master, why doyou remind meofthe alter-ego that Isealed along time ago back when Iwas inmiddle school?»

Fueled with the determination ofbeing the strongest. Joseph, along with the comrades that hegathered onhis journey shall crush those that dare stand before their path.

But why?

Because he’s the Grand Duelist, destined tobeatthe top ofeverything.

Disclaimer: This novel isinspired byother great works such asSCOG, OG, DE, and all other works that the author admires and reads onadaily basis

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