The Game Rune System
The Game Rune System

The Game Rune System

142Chapters 4.2KViews 41Bookmarked Completed Status

The Game Rune System novel is a popular light novel covering Romance, Adventure, Harem, Action, Mature, Comedy genres. Written by the author Sixth. 142 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Onhis twentieth birthday, Tetsuya suddenly got summoned toanother world. Hefound himself inbreath-taking situation ashis summoning ground was the dying royal household! His summoner was woman, whose death was inevitable! However, she could become asoul and live within him!

[The Game Rune System has been created.]
[The Game Rune System has created two main games.]
[MMORPG and MOBA Games have been created.]

«Since this world continues tobetray me, Ishall turn itinto mylittle game.»

Once the deal proceed, Tetsuya and Ashley awakened The Game Rune system! It was time to turn the whole world into game world with them being two game masters!

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