The Divine Anime System
The Divine Anime System

The Divine Anime System

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The Divine Anime System novel is a popular light novel covering Harem, Adventure, Action, Romance genres. Written by the author Reili. 198 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Every day life was monochromatic for Seig, the people passing him looked the same. No colours. No sound. Every thing was dreary. He was deemed an outcast as his vacant look in his eyes makes him seem dead. Until, his maid showed him anime series. It was an explosion of colours which brought life into his eyes. From then he had always wanted to be like the main characters, making viewers look in awe as they show off their powers. Even when he was bullied for being liking anime he still kept a positive outlook by watching anime. It all paid off when he died a hero and was rewarded with something to help him achieve his dream in another world.

This is a fan fic I don't own any of the anime series I may mention in my fiction. Also this is my first ever time in writing stories so please be patient with me.


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