The Discarded, Half-Eaten Apple Core New Life
The Discarded, Half-Eaten Apple Core New Life

The Discarded, Half-Eaten Apple Core New Life

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The Discarded, Half-Eaten Apple Core New Life novel is a popular light novel covering Comedy, Psychological, Action, Slice of Life, Fantasy genres. Written by the author MDW. 87 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


[A failed Participant in the January 2023 Community Contest: I forgot to fill the form]

The world ended. Bam! The Apocalypse opened the gates of Hell, demons killed everyone. Including me. But I got a second chance of life. Though it was as an apple. Which was eaten by a starving survivor, not that I fault them. But to toss my half-eaten core into a landfill?

To add insult to injury, an earthquake brought the landfill and everything in it a mile underneath the earth. I guess I'm not in uncharted waters, because good luck finding any nearby.

Not that it would matter. I am pretty sure the apple I was reincarnated as was a GMO hybrid whose potential to germinate was as stunted as the empathy of a corporation CEO. So there's that. Also, no sunlight.

** DING **


Oh, for the love of all —

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