The Corpse Collector In Conan
The Corpse Collector In Conan

The Corpse Collector In Conan


44Chapters 327Views 15Bookmarked Ongoing Status

The Corpse Collector In Conan novel is a popular light novel covering Mystery, Supernatural, Action, Comedy genres. Written by the author Fairy Boat. 44 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


Interview with the protagonist:

Q1: What is your secret to becoming the ace of the Black Organization?

Jiang Xia: “Take Conan to the target’s house for a stroll.”

Q2: What’s the secret of your repeated recovery of the treasures stolen by Kidd?

Jiang Xia: “His accomplice was my vest.”

Interview with the detectives of Conan World:

Q1: How do you view Jiang Xia?

Detectives: “Except for solving the case too quickly + being difficult to hold back, there are no other shortcomings.”

Q2: Everyone is a detective. Why not join forces with Jiang Xia to fight against the Black Organization?

Detectives (hurriedly wave their hands): “No no no, can’t tell him that the darkness is too heavy for him.”

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