Seven Sins System
Seven Sins System

Seven Sins System

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Seven Sins System novel is a popular light novel covering Mature, Fantasy, Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Harem, Slice of Life, Smut, Mystery genres. Written by the author Nanakawaichan. 299 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


"I only accept an equivalent trade. A wish for a wish. Body or soul, which one will you give me?" It was the same offer every time a mortal summoned him, the crown prince of the shadow realm and the lord of wrath, Azrael Shadowraven de Nightfall.

The demons bowed their heads to him. All creatures, mortals, and even angels feared him. However, everything changed after he was sent for a secret mission in the mortal realm to expand his seven sins power.

Hiding his identity among the mortals, the vampires were attracted by his royal blood. The mortals were either jealous or admired his abilities. The angels were curious about him. The demons wanted to kill him and take over his power.

Little did he know, he had another hidden power sealed inside of him. Something terrifying that could turn him either into the ruler of the three realms or an evil that could destroy all beings.


*Most of my story has a big harem, I'm not interested in writing a small harem with only two or three girls. The MC doesn't treat his woman as a sex object. Non-consensual relationship also not my thing.

Tags: Mature Content , R-18 , Smut , Comedy , Tentacles, Monster Girls , Yandere , Succubus , Magic , Demons , Angels , Hybrid , Hiding Identity, Goddess , Devil , Battle Academy , Beasts , Action , Mystery , Overpowered , Strong to Stronger , Harem , System , Servants , Handsome Male Lead , Smart Male Lead and a little bit of Slice of Life.

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