Sacrifice: Time of Mine
Sacrifice: Time of Mine

Sacrifice: Time of Mine

325Chapters 3.9KViews 41Bookmarked Completed Status

Sacrifice: Time of Mine novel is a popular light novel covering Harem, Comedy, Romance, Tragedy genres. Written by the author JhiThan_Ser. 325 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Avion Teller was brought toanunknown world. However, with him isthe absolute control over time which hegot from his father, the Lord Sorcerer ofTime.

Inthat world, Flasse, there are Elemantalists who has the power tocontrol nature and strengthen their body. Enabling them todestroy mountains, split seas, and interrupt the heavens using their strengthened bodies and mystical sorcery ofnature.

While, Avion Teller, onthe other hand, only had strength ofamortal, acommoner. With noadept onbecoming anElementalist, how will hebeable tosurvive there, when the first thing hedid when hearrived was tooffend kingdoms?

Follow Avion Teller inhis journey onbattling Godlike Elementalist with his mortal body and the absolute and unlimited control oftime over his body!

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