Rise of the Limitless One
Rise of the Limitless One

Rise of the Limitless One

73Chapters 2.1KViews 20Bookmarked Completed Status

Rise of the Limitless One novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Supernatural, Mystery, Fantasy genres. Written by the author Syphiinz. 73 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Alteria’s future veered far away from its intended path. Itwas once known asEarth until ashocking phenomenon took itbystorm.

Anevolution occurred, heralding inanew era―an age ofsuperhumans―the Awakeneds.

However, the evolution came atasevere price.

While Mana filled the planet’s domain, ashocking obelisk rose inthe center ofthe world. Afterward, the tower pulled countless humans into apreliminary event.

The result―Guardians. Alarmingly powerful beings with the ability todefend their world against the looming threat ofterrifying enemies.

Unfortunately, the summons affected Lucian Salvatore drastically, leading tohis journey tofind out the truth.

His story tothe path ofbecoming the Limitless One begins…

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