Reject Humanity, Return to Monke
Reject Humanity, Return to Monke

Reject Humanity, Return to Monke

220Chapters 11.1KViews 25Bookmarked Ongoing Status

Reject Humanity, Return to Monke novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Harem genres. Written by the author IAmGuavaFruit. 220 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


Ordinary day, ordinary life, that is until, I found myself getting stabbed to death by my fellow student for reasons unknown to me. Then some kind of holographic window prompting me to reincarnate appeared while I was busy drifting through the infinite darkness of the void. Of course, I pressed yes, it’s boring here, then found myself to be a dungeon master… As a fucking monkey no less…

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