Records of the Weakest Emperor
Records of the Weakest Emperor

Records of the Weakest Emperor

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Records of the Weakest Emperor novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Romance, Adventure, Action genres. Written by the author Theadventurer. 253 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Calvin Villanueva was once heralded asthe savior ofthe world. His might was unrivaled despite possessing the weakest class inLas Felipinas. But inacruel twist offate, his achievements were turned against him and inaspan ofasingle night, hewent from experiencing heaven toplunging into the deepest parts ofhell.

Captured and imprisoned bythe Sucklings, analien invader who came from adifferent realm. Calvin became their Scribe, the Keeper ofHistory, and ultimately… Hearrived atthe peak ofthe weakest Writer Profession and became the Author ofFate. Unfortunately, itwas already too late. The world was now inruins and Calvin only had asingle choice infront ofhim.

Itwas death.

Hemay have chosen death but hehad proven before his death that hewas indeed the true savior ofhumanity.

Manipulating fate, twisting time and space…

Calvin went back tothe past for asecond chance toturn things around!

This isastory ofsomeone who was once atthe peak, striving toreturn tothe summit while correcting his past mistakes, against all odds, and clashes against unscrupulous gods and the supernatural heshall once again find his own path tothetop.

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