Reborn: My Two Systems at War
Reborn: My Two Systems at War

Reborn: My Two Systems at War

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Reborn: My Two Systems at War novel is a popular light novel covering Yuri, Action, Fantasy, Adventure genres. Written by the author AnonymUser. 131 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


A young girl opened her eyes, the left one glowing blue and the right one glowing red. With a smile, she looked at the bars on her window.

The invisible force swirled on the tips of her fingers, making her smile even deeper.

'Now, I don't know if I am lucky or unlucky.'

She was framed and locked away. She was alone and cold. However, now she has awakened the memories of her past life, filled with betrayal and her two systems.

'A world of magic? A world of space-faring ships? I will make them both mine!'

With access to the two systems and the ability to travel between dimensions, she was ready to retake what was once hers, using her unique advantage of having access to both magic and advanced technology.


This novel has an infinity-world setting, meaning that MC will visit and travel across various universes and gain strength.

Release schedule: 1 chapter each day

Bonus chapter goals: 200, 250, 300

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