Re: Apocalypse Game
Re: Apocalypse Game

Re: Apocalypse Game

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Re: Apocalypse Game novel is a popular light novel covering Game, Action, Reincarnation genres. Written by the author Avan. 223 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


Alan, a young science teacher, finds himself and millions of other, forced by alien invaders to participate in absurd VR “Apocalypse Games.”

Desperate to save his sick daughter, he took the path of gun and sword, embarking on a journey to become one of the top players in this deadly virtual world.

All were forced to survive a series of different apocalypse scenarios: Ice age, Nuclear Fallout, AI Meltdown, Apex predators, etc. all for one promise:

[Defeat all rounds and we will leave your world in peace]

Every year, with less than 10% managed to survive, the whole world would watch the games in terror as their loved ones suffered and died.

After seven grueling years, Alan and his team become the last hope for humanity. But even their valiant efforts end in defeat. Alan loses everything—his comrades, his daughter, and the hope of mankind.

Given a second chance, equip with the knowledge of the game's secrets and the future, will this simple science teacher succeed in saving the world?


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