Purple Romance
Purple Romance

Purple Romance

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Purple Romance novel is a popular light novel covering Romance, Comedy genres. Written by the author Purplebride. 336 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


«This is a dream. Since it is a dream, let me at least savour it a little more».

«If you are done checking me out, can I open my eyes now? Is hard pretending to be asleep when you keep touching me like that, Miss Lee''. Ad-Din said and opened his eyes.

Maria Portia Lee graduated at the top of her class in the University at the age of 22 years and landed her first job as a teacher at a prestigious senior high school in their town.

On her first day, she found herself falling for a final year student boy. Been a novice at love, coupled with family problems she decides to ignore the feelings that only grew stronger by the day.

An unfortunate accident leaves Maria Portia Lee running to another city and her teaching license revoked.

After 8 years, Maria didn’t expect that the first person she would meet after returning to Cosmos town will be the same boy she used to love and there was just one problem, he wasn’t a boy anymore but a man, a man that still made her heart to feel a lot of emotions and the worse part was, he was now her boss. Their roles have been exchanged totally.

Ad-Din finally found the woman he had waited for, for 8 years and wasn’t about to let anyone get in his way of making her his woman.

Will their love story continue from where they left off? Will they be able to find happiness this time around?

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