Purple Dawn Till Dusk: Dearest through the time
Purple Dawn Till Dusk: Dearest through the time

Purple Dawn Till Dusk: Dearest through the time

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Purple Dawn Till Dusk: Dearest through the time novel is a popular light novel covering Romance, Historical, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Josei genres. Written by the author jikanyotomare. 549 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


She was acunning and haughty professional thief from modernera. Together with her three brothers, she stole whatever ‘requested’. However, Senja was sent back toancient time byanelderly woman tofind someone namedYun. Only byfinding him could she come back toher era.

Once she arrived there, people from the kingdom’s army claiming that she was adaughter ofaformidable clan ofspies who had been kidnapped for ayear.

*How could that be?*

She was sure that she hadn’t occupied someone else’s body, sohow could she have become abrilliant divine girl with virtuous conduct and noble demeanor, who had also saved the country?


Resolve this byfeigning amnesia then… hee-hee…

So, she can fake amemory loss, but can she keep uptoHER reputation?! Especially since their personalities are poles apart!

Then there’s the overprotective grandfather ofhers who has forbidden her from stepping out ofthe manor lest she bekidnapped again!

Grr.………How can she start looking for this Yun guy ifshe can’t gooutside?

There’s just one way!

Marry the military commander a.k.a, the Second Prince, Xiao Tianyou.

Argh!!!..…. heisthe fiancé ofher vicious stepsister!

*A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Everything isgoing against me!*

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