Please Stop Summoning Me!
Please Stop Summoning Me!

Please Stop Summoning Me!


119Chapters 3.5KViews 25Bookmarked Ongoing Status

Please Stop Summoning Me! novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural genres. Written by the author 不是浪迹. 119 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


Eerie prayers were heard, and each name was distinct.

Lord ofthe Ashes; Colorless City; Mist ofthe White Shore; Spirit ofthe Ancient; Dream ofthe Void; Ruler ofthe Chaos;

After Shen Yitransmigrated toanew world, mysterious groups seemed tobewanting toSummon him nonstop. The church, wizards, investigators, saints…

Every summoning group had something they desired. And atthe same time, they offered various sacrifices.

Shen Yiwas overwhelmed with annoyance, but there was nothing hecould dotoput astop toit.

Eventually, hewas successfully summoned bycultists.

And the first problem Shen Yihad tofacewas… Asacrificial little girl, who had slumped onthe altar!

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