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NTR SAGAS novel is a popular light novel covering Harem, Mature, Fantasy, Adult, Romance, Adventure, Drama, Tragedy, Action genres. Written by the author SinfulQueen. 157 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


"Don't worry, dear. I won't let him touch my body even if I am forced to marry him. My love and my body will always be yours only. I am doing this to protect us. Please wait for me till I find a way out of this."

"Of course...I will wait for you...I trust you..."

Such a touching and sad moment for a couple deeply in love with each other...isn't it?

But what happens when the man realises that his woman had already fell into a trap she no can never get out of?

What if his precious woman was being toyed with by some other man without his knowledge?

What if his woman was being ravaged by multiple men while he sleeps?

But the main question is...will his woman's love for him falter or will she still be able to protect her feelings for him? Or will she fall into the abyss of corruption and lust?

Go ahead and read NTR Sagas...a compilation of the darkest, heart burning NTR stories.

WARNING : This novel contains Heavy NTR and Corruption Content meant only for those seeking NTR stories.

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