No Otaku with Harem System
No Otaku with Harem System

No Otaku with Harem System

403Chapters 9.9KViews 145Bookmarked Ongoing Status

No Otaku with Harem System novel is a popular light novel covering Harem, Adventure, Comedy, Action, Romance, Ecchi genres. Written by the author Bukaro. 403 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


A young man with a troubled life runs into more trouble after meeting an annoying fairy.

"Hey Listen! It's time to start the adventure!"

"A fucking giant fly! I have to kill him!"

"Wait wait! I'm here to guide you!"

Watch the adventures of Luis and the fly Navi on their way to becoming a King of the Harem.

"King of the Harem sounds troublesome"

"Hey Listen! You can get a lot of money and power!"

"What are you waiting for ?! Let's go for that harem !!"


Author Note: I don't speak English and I am using Google Translate with Grammarly to translate my novel. I accept corrections in the comments paragraph

Warning: The first 45 chapters are a lot of internal monologues since it was my beginnings writing a novel, I'm sorry if it's annoying for some readers but I hope you can give my work a chance after that point.

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