My Wife is A Sword God
My Wife is A Sword God

My Wife is A Sword God


366Chapters 20.3KViews 75Bookmarked Ongoing Status

My Wife is A Sword God novel is a popular light novel covering Xuanhuan, Fantasy, Harem, Action, Romance, Comedy, Adventure genres. Written by the author 一生要强的肥仔. 366 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


In the world of demons and demons, a hundred ghosts travel at night.

Qin Feng, who accidentally crossed over, came to this troubled world with no lofty ambitions.

He only wanted to protect himself and enjoy the rest of his life safely.

But the sky does not fulfill people’s wishes, excellent men are so outstanding everywhere.

The ancestor made a marriage contract, and the talented young lady of the Liu family became a wife.

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