My (Monster?) Hero Life
My (Monster?) Hero Life

My (Monster?) Hero Life

343Chapters 3.9KViews 29Bookmarked Completed Status

My (Monster?) Hero Life novel is a popular light novel covering Adventure, Action, Comedy, Martial Arts, Fantasy genres. Written by the author Antihero. 343 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Our protagonist Kace suddenly gets reincarnated. With avoice inhead hehas towonder. Isitgod? More like atwisted goddess who has agrudge tosettle.

His perfect life seemed tobewithin his grasp and the excitement was unbearable. Though arandom thought and abored 'godess' quickly derailed these dreams ofhis.

Iguess even Monsters need ahero.

Building anew life inanother world could never beeasy. Especially when itbegins with amad goblin shaman and amurderous orc hanging around. Sigh.

Join Kace onhis journey ofevolution. Asahero for monsters his only goal istogather ateam ofpowerful allies like himself. Toend the invasion ofthe evil human race.

From humble beginnings incaverns onamountain, toforcefully taking atown for the monsters tocall home. From heading out tosea todiscovering dark secrets hidden from prying eyes inabsolute darkness.

He’s inarace against time, seeking touncover the truths ofthis new world before it’s too late tosave it.

Abandoning ones humanity has never been sonoble!

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