My Mercenary Guild is Full of Beauties
My Mercenary Guild is Full of Beauties

My Mercenary Guild is Full of Beauties

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My Mercenary Guild is Full of Beauties novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Yuri, Isekai genres. Written by the author BigMarch. 68 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


"A new legend will be born, she who is hailed as the Dragonian Sword Queen of Glory Mercenary Corps descends!"

"My life will end but my name shall be eternal!"

No one ever guessed that behind the strongest guild master in Legend Online, "Demonic Sword" Auror of the Glory Mercenary Guild, was a terminally ill girl who had less than a week left in the world.

Aurora wished that the final moment in her life would be as brilliant as a firework in the night sky, hellbent on putting her name in the Legend Online Hall of Fame by claiming the first kill against the undefeated final boss, Dragon Empress Astrea. Then, she could die without regret.

That was it supposed to happen if she hadn't woken up inside the familiar but unfamiliar world! She had crossed into the world inside the game in her real body with a maverick title [Dragon Empress' Soulmate] and nine mysterious Oath Swords of Final Judgment!

Armed with her superior knowledge of the game and the future event, she ushered a new life from the scratch and started with a small goal: Let's rebuild the strongest mercenary guild in the world!

But why most of the members were top-class beauties?!?


Current schedule: 1 chapter/day, everyday.

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