My Daughter is an Assassin
My Daughter is an Assassin

My Daughter is an Assassin

39Chapters 761Views 26Bookmarked Ongoing Status

My Daughter is an Assassin novel is a popular light novel covering Slice of Life, Adventure, Comedy genres. Written by the author Hundred Thousand Feet of Red Dust. 39 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


With the help ofthe System, Borg journeyed across the world, rising toits pinnacle infive years, atthe age oftwenty. Countless glorious titles adorned him, and hewas dubbed Azura, the King ofAssassins!

Hewas now the mastermind ofthe largest mercenary group, aWall Street tycoon whose net worth amounted tohundreds ofbillions, and was atop talent inthe medical field.

Onthe snowy afternoon ofhis fifteenth birthday, hepicked upayoung girl whose body was turning purple inthe cold, hence leaving all glory for apeaceful life with his daughter.

Ten years later, Brog was twenty-five. Inthe blink ofaneye, hehad turned into ashut-in who could not goof off any harder, while his daughter unexpectedly assumed the path ofacold, beautiful assassin.

However, unbeknownst tohis daughter, every other assassin inthe world would receive amission when she did—to protect her, orwhat awaited the assassins would beadisaster ofnightmarish proportions.

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