Money Loving CEO's Detective Lover
Money Loving CEO's Detective Lover

Money Loving CEO's Detective Lover

423Chapters 3.2KViews 9Bookmarked Completed Status

Money Loving CEO's Detective Lover novel is a popular light novel covering Romance, Action, Supernatural, Horror genres. Written by the author Tea_Tae. 423 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Jeon Gayoon isafeisty and hardworking detective inher mid twenties. She only believes intwo things: Hard work and determination. Optimistic and yet, short tempered, Gayoon strives inher life onher own while hiding aterrible secret which makes her guilty till this day.

Enter Hwang Minho, the country’s richest man and the CEO ofHwang Constructions. Handsome, volatile and devilish, Minho only cares about two things: Money and his daughter Jina. The volcanic CEO isknown for rating people based ontheir wealth and power.

Hiding the scars ofapainful past, heand Jina run into the hot headed detective, Jeon Gayoon, when his daughter began asearch for her real mother.

Only catch? Jina inherited the ability tosee deadly spirits from the mother she had never known.

And the biggest surpriseis? Minho recognizes Gayoon asJina’s birth mother.

Follow their journey asthey come together tosolve crimes and fight off evil spirits haunting their littlebun.

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