Modern Patriarch
Modern Patriarch

Modern Patriarch

147Chapters 4KViews 32Bookmarked Ongoing Status

Modern Patriarch novel is a popular light novel covering Martial Arts, Action, Xianxia, Adventure, Slice of Life genres. Written by the author Daoist Enigma. 147 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


When Yao Shen, Patriarch of the Heavenly Sky Sect, ascends and regains memories of his past life on Planet Earth, he realizes that he can no longer allow himself to accept the cruel and violent ways of Eliria, the realm of cultivation.

So he decides to change it.

It was time to found a new sect. One based on the values of honor and equality over senseless violence and discrimination. A sect where all, from the mortal farmer’s son to a sect elder's daughter, were held accountable to the same rules.

Welcome to the Modern Sect.

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