Marvel: Mr. President
Marvel: Mr. President

Marvel: Mr. President

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Marvel: Mr. President novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Slice of Life, Comedy, Romance genres. Written by the author MisterImmortal. 299 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Hector King, aman inhis 50s, nofamily orfriends tospeak of, paralysed from the waist down due toawork-related accident. Now helived alone with his pup Huskey.

But one day, hemistakenly summoned Satan.

"Ah, it’s been along time since Iwas summoned. You found mybook? Good, what doyou want? Riches? Women? Fame? Strength? Orperhaps, your legs? All atthe discounted price ofyour… soul."

Satan offered.

Hector, however, didn’t need any ofthat. And so, his answer even shocked Satan, making that smug look disappear.

"I… Iwant you tobemyfriend."

And from there, the friendship that would last eternity started, all atthe price ofHector’s soul.

Year 2021,

Asamortal, Hector died. But Satan decided todosomething crazy, "F*CK IT! You’re mybest friend, Ican’t let youdie. Hector, Iamappointing you asHell’s Inquisitor, aposition only under me."

1935, Earth

Hector found himself inhis old original physical body again, but hewas now taller and buff.

"I–I got anew last name? Hmm, ithas anice ring toit." Hemuttered.

Hewas, from then on, Hector King Washington.


And the good boy Moony was also there, bigger, buffed and more beautiful.


[A/N: MCisgoing tobeasweet badass old man.]

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