Margrave’s Bastard Son was The Emperor
Margrave’s Bastard Son was The Emperor

Margrave’s Bastard Son was The Emperor

변경백 서자는 황제였다

178Chapters 13.6KViews 58Bookmarked Ongoing Status

Margrave’s Bastard Son was The Emperor novel is a popular light novel covering Adult, Adventure, Fantasy, Mature, Tragedy genres. Written by the author 기준석. 178 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


He became the Emperor when he was just a boy and was beheaded before reaching adulthood. It was a tragedy brought about by his fate as the first noble wizard.

“Ian, don’t be born in your next life.”

He thought everything was over, listening to the traitor’s heartless words. He knew, but…

“You are a symbol of peace. Where else would you find such honor as a lowly one?”

He became the Margrave’s bastard son, whose family went extinct 100 years ago.

A lowly, unsophisticated one, destined to be sold as a hostage to the barbarians across the border.

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