Magical Marvel (HP X MCU)
Magical Marvel (HP X MCU)

Magical Marvel (HP X MCU)

383Chapters 7.3KViews 55Bookmarked Ongoing Status

Magical Marvel (HP X MCU) novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Isekai, Sci-fi, Supernatural genres. Written by the author athass_prkr. 383 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


A sick 16 year old MC dies at the same time, emerald eyes open up confused. Shouldn't I be dead? Why the hell am I so tiny? What's her name? What are these voices in my head?

Follow the young telepath as they make way in a world of gods and magic. Will they make their mark in this scary world or did they already do so. F*ck, time travel is really confusing.


I will admit that the first part of the story is pretty bad. It was my first time writing anything for fun so I was pretty green. If you're prepared to suffer through the first twenty chapters or so, and the story should get a lot better.

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