Magical Love: Learn To Love In Another World
Magical Love: Learn To Love In Another World

Magical Love: Learn To Love In Another World

137Chapters 1.9KViews 25Bookmarked Completed Status

Magical Love: Learn To Love In Another World novel is a popular light novel covering Romance, Adventure, Comedy, Action genres. Written by the author invayne. 137 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Islove soeasily accomplished? For agirl, they can flash alittle skin and get boys tofawn over them. Can that beconsidered love? Wouldn’t that just make them sluts? Iwould rather kill myself than betouched byaman Idonot love. Imight beold fashion but this ishow Iwas raised for fifteen years ofmylife.

The one day Idecided toopen mymouth and say something, was the day Itruly found out how screwed upthis life was.

After mydeath, Ifound myself inafamiliar place with anannoying system talking inside myhead. Iwas somehow reborn inmyfavorite otome game? And Iwas neither the protagonist nor the villainous? Just asideNPC! Not only did ithave the same game system asthe otome game but italso had asmall twist which required metocultivate mymagic?

Ifthis was not enough Ifound that all the love interests keep trying totalk tome.

With myhead swirling with all the things happening around mewill Ifinally find mychance attrue love?

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