Knights Apocalyptica
Knights Apocalyptica

Knights Apocalyptica

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Knights Apocalyptica novel is a popular light novel covering Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-fi, School Life, Action genres. Written by the author Zach Skye. 197 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


The Earth met its end, bathed in holy fire. The rifts spill monsters into our world. The Kingdom of Cindrus is the last bastion of humanity; the last vestiges of a broken people clinging to life deep underground.

But not all hope is lost. Erec, like all humans, has been blessed by the goddess. From a line of disgraced nobility, he seeks to reclaim his family’s honor and join the prestigious academy–the institution that trains the next generation of Knights.

With a power that brings him to an uncontrollable Rage, and an old-world AI, Erec seeks to reconquer the world with the remains of human-kind.


Updates every: Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays!

This is a fantasy/post-apocalyptic portal litrpg, and I hope you enjoy.

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