King of Mercenaries
King of Mercenaries

King of Mercenaries


83Chapters 2.5KViews 18Bookmarked Completed Status

King of Mercenaries novel is a popular light novel covering Historical, Drama, Action, Romance, Adventure, Fantasy genres. Written by the author Top Old Cow. 83 chapters have been translated and translation of all chapters was completed.


Marin found himself in the body of a young wandering knight who was driven out of the house. Forced into the 15th Century, he was armed with only a horse, a breastplate, and a lance.

He was soon caught up in the era of German mercenaries established by Maximilian I. And so he decided to become a mercenary. Relying on his half-baked internet knowledge, he will establish his own mercenary force. Waging war with French knights and Swiss armies, even Emperors and Kings must beg of him.

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