In the Harry Potter Without Harry Potter
In the Harry Potter Without Harry Potter

In the Harry Potter Without Harry Potter


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In the Harry Potter Without Harry Potter novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, School Life, Action, Adventure, Slice of Life, Drama genres. Written by the author Sea Ship. 550 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


Onthe night when the saviour ofthe wizarding world was supposed tobeborn, Harry Potter the saviour was killed bythe Unforgivable Curse.

The man who had made almost all wizards inBritain fear tocall him byhis name, regained the intelligence and ambition that had been rightfully his from the Horcruxes.

Darkness completely enveloped the island ofGreat Britain.

Wizards were divided bybloodlines, with purebloods firmly holding the power that belonged tothose atthe top, and those who were known asmudbloods were left tospend their lives ashumble asmud tobetrampled on.

The Ministry ofMagic, where justice should beserved, isfilled with evil villains, and the castle, where knowledge should betaught, isfilled with oppression.

Itwas inthis grim time.

Jon Green, who has transmigrated, isbrought into the fugitive carriage that carries onthe true spirit ofHogwarts…



Other than translation, everything belong tothe original creator. Ifthe original creator wants totake itdown, pls leave areview below, just found the CNnovel and translate ithere toincrease myvocabulary, English and toearn some coffee change.

This isongoing fanfic with more than 150+ chapters, soyou can support original author inChinese site.

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