Immortal Only Accepts Female Disciples
Immortal Only Accepts Female Disciples

Immortal Only Accepts Female Disciples

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Immortal Only Accepts Female Disciples novel is a popular light novel covering Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Mature, Slice of Life, Smut genres. Written by the author Kirbyisgreen. 683 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


A young man finally managed to become an immortal, a powerful cultivator able to lord over millions... Read more
A young man finally managed to become an immortal, a powerful cultivator able to lord over millions of souls. He took advantage of his tremendous luck and fortune to become the youngest immortal in history. He now wants to create his own sect and enjoy life, one filled with female disciples! Collapse

Accelerated Growth, BDSM, Beautiful Female Lead, First-time Interc**rse, Fox Spirits, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Human-Nonhuman Relationship, Master-Disciple Relationship, Masturbation, Nudity, Outdoor Interc**rse, Paizuri, Polygamy, Pregnancy, R-18, Seduction, Threesome, Toys, Voyeurism

Judging from the comments below, it seems like this novel has a lot of rape scenes, because of their reviews I decided to read it I like BDSM and this story has it

Quote: Mickythey all consented to have s#x beforehand.This is true, but when they start crying, have their throats completely blocked by his penis so they're literally dying, try to push him off, or tell him to stop, consent is revoked and he has to stop. Otherwise, it's rape. The author VERY clearly has a rape fetish.At least in the earlier chapters I read, the "romantic" sex scenes in this are mostly brutal rape scenes. There's a reason MC constantly apologizes afterwards while his "consenting" sex partners are angry, in pain, and crying.

Really? The only times I remember when things get wrong are when he forced his 1st disciple to try an### s#x, and when his 9th disciple decided to give him her chastity but found out about the anti-penetration enchantment on her and he ended up accessing the back door by mistake. Other than these 2 incidents, all of the others are either first times or fetish sex. The 1st disciple is s#x maniac. (she just loves doing it)The 2nd disciple is ready to sell her soul for authority let alone her body. (she is doing it willingly and almost forcefully)The 3rd disciple is the most questionable of all his disciples. (she is suppressing her trauma by doing it and beyond it)The 4th to 8th (I think) disciples are just cultivating if I remember correctly. (They are doing it willingly for power and desires)The 9th disciple has no common sense and decided that the only way to survive is through selling her body to the strongest man and she chooses the MC hoping to control him through his d#ck, and failed epically. So, I was trying to say that both parties are not doing it out of pure love, not just the MC. And I can not remember him raping one of his disciples (as in forcing her against her will.)All of them did it out of Lust, Necessity, or Love. I can not agree with you that the author has done this novel poorly and filled it with a dirty and cruel fetish. He did a good job of writing an erotic novel... And each major character was well-designed.

You either forgot the rapes or didn't notice them. Other people in the reviews refer to the rapes as "sweet romance" and so on, so there's a decent chance you simply thought the rapes were hot and ignored the crying, resisting, and so on.Keep in mind, sex starting with consent doesn't mean it ends with consent. They all started with consent. You keep talking about how they all consented, but that's completely irrelevant to the fact that they were all still raped. When she says stop or attempts to push you away, you either stop or you are raping her.I didn't memorize the novel, so I can't tell you the exact situations and chapter numbers where the rapes occurred. I know there were at least 3 separate events in the first 19 chapters or so, since that's about when I stopped reading. If you start from the beginning and pay close attention to how each victim acts during sex, you'll find them.

Wait! In the first 19 chapters? That is just the introduction of the first 3 disciples and the only one that seems wrong is the third one. He asked the parents of the 1st disciple to have her and give them compensation (which you can count as marriage)... So he doesn't force her to be his, and it was her first time (and his first time) so it was bound to be awkward and painful (for her). She is a virgin and would surely feel pain from breaking her hymen... I don't read the novel for quite a long time and can not be sure how the MC dealt with it, but even if he was rough it can not be equal to rape, at most he was insensitive and selfish for not waiting for her pain to go. but rape? That is too big of an accusation. His 2nd disciple jumped on him immediately when he was doing the interview, so you can not blame the MC for her actions and call it rape when she started it and he accepted her advance. His 3rd disciple was traumatized by what happened to her sect, and he took advantage of her vulnerability after saving her to have s#x with her, so you can blame this on him. The point is, rape is a big heinous crime, you can't just attach it to anyone like that, it is okay to call the MC an uncultured ape that doesn't understand women and a selfish bastard who only cares about his pleasure, but doesn't accuse the author of having a rape fetish or disgusting tendency to rape women...You are just being unfair to him. There could be many reasons why the first part of his novel is rough and unsavoury like him being armature, using poor-choice references or just trying to build the characters' relationships from zero.

I don't read the novel for quite a long time and can not be sure how the MC dealt with it, but even if he was rough it can not be equal to rape, at most he was insensitive and selfish for not waiting for her pain to go. but rape?That is too big of an accusation.First off, we already established that you don't remember these rapes, so maybe going off of your faulty memory isn't the best idea.Second, you sound like a f#cking rapist. When a woman says stop and you don't stop, you are raping her. You are not "at most insensitive and selfish."I won't read the rest of your rape apologetics, nor will I respond to you again for obvious reasons. You're f#cking awful.

This is some truly vile and disgusting rape fantasy garbage. A significant percentage of MC's sexual encounters with his disciples contain tears streaming down the disciples' faces while they beg for him to stop. He doesn't, of course, because he's too "in the moment" to even realize he's sexually brutalizing them. Don't worry, though. He gently apologizes afterwards so everything's f#cking peachy.The author is scum. The novel is vile. Do yourself a favor and stay far away.And holy shit on the other reviews.> I like the romance in this story.> for someone who likes something sweet, then this is for youGoddamn. I don't know what this f#cker read, but apparently they view rape as sweet romance. I f#cking weep for humanity.

Are you sure about that? I can only remember one incident when he forced his first disciple into trying an## s#x and it went wrong, but otherwise, they all accepted that kind of relationship and even enjoyed s#x with him... I don't remember him ra#### any of his disciples, they all consented to have s#x beforehand.Even his 8th or 9th disciple when she explicitly sold herself to him in exchange for protection in the name of being his disciple after the disaster of the fire sect, he still waited until she asked to be taken.

So much hate? hmm...Just want to say.. I like the romance in this story.Gives a new sense of romance in cultivation book. Where in the OG Cultivation we usually only see a few chapters between Heroine and MC, which after that is not mentioned again due too many action (relentless pursuit of power) or too many pokemon.In short,, for someone who likes something sweet, then this is for you :)

Romance ? bro MC forced on FMC with drugs ... typical Cliché moment where FMC is drugged and MC will do the deed. Also Characters are very one dimensional and dumb. Dont remember exactly what it was but basically around the time one of the disciples took the brothel under her management was when I decided to drop this.

I just feel this mc just wants to f#ck, my honest thought after reading 10 chapters

It was quite fun to read until Spoiler the smart author had the first disciple take in literal brothel wh0res as servants and even heavily implies that this disciple will be using their s3x toys, not even joking, garbage.

Honestly that part is a turn off for me as well haha.I still stick with this series though (at least till 396, the latest chapter up to date) and I have no intention of dropping it since in my experience, for novel with R-18 tag, you shouldn't think too much when reading it, basically just skim it. At least that's how my mindset is

It's not worth reading.- unstable release rate.- lack of any actual plot for the most part. The Mc also doesn't have any ambitions aside from getting stronger cuz yeah stronger = good.- the beginning and up until chapter 200,maybe a bit before that, was still decent but after that the story goes down a stupid path of no return. Aka it turns to shit.

From what you said this seems like a wish fulfilment slice of life novel

Regular intake of 2-3 chapters per week. Not the most elaborate, but interesting plot. The protagonist has ambitions. But he doesn't talk about them every chapter. And they are different from what you wrote.At the time of writing, there is one arc that raises some questions. But it is definitely not enough to say that the book goes to the trash. And after the end of this arc, the author drew more conclusions and does not mention it anymore

Back when i wrote my review the chapters were not that frequent with sometimes months in-between them. I've obviously dropped the novel so i can't talk about future arcs.

When there was a break in the release of chapters, it was a problem on the site side. The author did not stop publishing the book in other places

It was not during the problems with the website. It was long before that. Shit novel regardless bye

copying my comment from chap2 where i dropped it."Fail!" Chen Wentian closed his eyes again. He smirked to himself as Yue Wuque, with a wronged and devastated expression, was pushed off the stage by the guards.what a cunt.also, its just wish fulfillment fantasy. but its cringe af. at least the other ones are bearable. dropped!

Why are there so many side stories?

Is this complete?

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