I'm the School Hunk's Biological Mother
I'm the School Hunk's Biological Mother

I'm the School Hunk's Biological Mother

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I'm the School Hunk's Biological Mother novel is a popular light novel covering Comedy genres. Written by the author NovelFire. 33 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


Chai Meican is a single mother with a handsome but mischievous son. One day, she wakes up to find herself transformed back to her sixteen-year-old self, still beautiful and with an impressive head of hair.

With plenty of time and money, Chai decides to enroll in her son's school as a classmate, hoping to keep an eye on him and encourage him to be a better person. But her son's schoolmate, Zhou Ruitian, is afraid of no one except her!

Having heard her mother brag about her youth and beauty many times before, Zhou is shocked to see her suddenly transformed back to a sixteen-year-old, and looking even more stunning than ever.

Chai tries to reverse the transformation, but when she realizes it's impossible, she decides to stay at the school as her son's classmate. From that moment on, Zhou Ruitian is in for a wild ride.

The school's notorious bully, armed with a stick, is about to start a fight when the new transfer student, Chai Meican, gives him a slap and sends him back to his seat to finish his homework.

Under the watchful eye of Chai, Zhou Ruitian makes a public declaration to study hard and become a scientist, while warning all the boys not to make a move on her or face his wrath.

This romantic novel features Chai Meican and her love interest, Hou Ranxi, while the relationship between Chai and her son is purely one of motherly love.

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