I Shall Devour Everything
I Shall Devour Everything

I Shall Devour Everything

84Chapters 2.1KViews 54Bookmarked Ongoing Status

I Shall Devour Everything novel is a popular light novel covering Adventure, Action, Romance, Comedy genres. Written by the author Resurgent. 84 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


Ayoung man who once lived like aprince ended upinthe streets, hunted like adog bythose with wealth and influence.

This terrible fate dawned onhim the day helost his foster parents because ofahuge conspiracy. Their enemies hunted him togain amassive reward for those who can bring his head.

For years heran and ran, surviving like abeggar and survived only because ofhis street smartness and, most ofall, aspecial ability that set him apart from other humans.

But even then, fate decided tobeeven crueler, making him end upindire straits with death ready todrag him away.

However, atthat moment, something that would change his fate happened…he died.

Hedied with indignation and anger, only toend upinanother body inadifferent yet mystical world that held hidden terrors and mysteries.

But his apparent fate seemed tonot get any better except that inhis blood laid the secretto…

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