I Regenerate 10,000 Times Faster
I Regenerate 10,000 Times Faster

I Regenerate 10,000 Times Faster

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I Regenerate 10,000 Times Faster novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Romance, Harem, Adult, Adventure, Action, Reincarnation genres. Written by the author RagingArtPunk. 93 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


[WARNING!] [May Contain Adult Scenes... ]A dimensional storm befell Earth, ripping through space in every country and creating paths to dimensional realms.Immortals, gods, demons, angels, and many other creatures from other dimensions came to Earth.However, all the mysterious dimensional realms was incredibly dangerous. Other people risk their lives to venture into the realms, but with my fast regeneration speed, I regenerate from all injuries an instant!A rare relic with 0.01 percent chance at dropping? I will regenerate a clone and make it grind until it drops!...Forced into dual cultivation by the very woman he loathe, Tyrion took absolute and infinite advantage of it.Reincarnating into the body of a recruit that died during the entrance examination. Methuselah Tyrion woke up into an unknown future/past.[DING!][God-Level Healing Factor System Activated][First Level: Peak-human Regeneration: Host would be able to regenerate lost limbs or even massive chunks of their bodies, but usually cannot survive complete brain destruction and will not survive decapitation or being rendered to bits.][Second Level: Super Enhanced Regeneration: Host would be able to recreate and posses multiple organs such as extra brains, hearts and liver in one body.][Third Level: Supernatural Regeneration: Host would be able to regenerate multiple body parts and finally be able to create clones!]With a system that awakened and evolved his innate bloodline. He could heal and regenerate, 10,000 times than a normal person in a world stormed by dimensional beasts.[DING!][Dual cultivation successful][True Ancient Crimson Dragon Bloodline Inherited!]

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