I have an Apocalypse City
I have an Apocalypse City

I have an Apocalypse City

339Chapters 25.6KViews 98Bookmarked Ongoing Status


I have an Apocalypse City novel is a popular light novel covering Drama, Eastern genres. Written by the author Hair fell out. 339 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


“Is this a game, or did aliens make me time-travel?”

“It’s terrifying, people who die in the game actually die in the real world!”

“Damn, the whole city is mine, and there are still things that can be brought from the game to the real world, it’s just…”

Song Jian aimlessly wandered through the empty city, accompanied only by mutated zombies and monsters. His only goal now was to survive in such a zombie-infested Doomsday City.

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