I Have A Cultivation World
I Have A Cultivation World

I Have A Cultivation World

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I Have A Cultivation World novel is a popular light novel covering Action, Eastern, Fantasy genres. Written by the author Pure Nine Lotus Lamp. 83 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


After 6,000 years of development by the immortal sect on Planet Earth, all of the leyline spiritual energy was controlled by the country. They only released enough spiritual energy for the cultivators to breathe. If a cultivator wanted to use the spiritual energy to train themselves, they would have to pay the immortal sect for that.

Chen Mobai was a senior high school student at the Fifth High School of the Immortal Sect. He was studying for his entrance exam at the colleges of the immortal sect. His biggest dream was to achieve the Foundation Establishment Realm until he was transmigrated to a cultivation world.

“There’s no one here despite how dense the spiritual energy is?”

“Wait! Isn’t this the legendary spiritual herb? Are these not extinct here?”

“Huh? Is this the method to extract one’s Spiritual Root? Also, isn’t this a divine technique?”

“What a powerful cultivator! Please accept me as your disciple!”

As his life in the cultivation world continued, his dream changed.

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