I got an SSS-Grade unique skill
I got an SSS-Grade unique skill

I got an SSS-Grade unique skill

58Chapters 7.4KViews 106Bookmarked Ongoing Status

I got an SSS-Grade unique skill novel is a popular light novel covering Adventure, Action, Romance, Fantasy, Sci-fi genres. Written by the author Anyeong_sa_inyo. 58 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


On December 31, 2090… at 11:59 pm

A large meteor comes hurtling into earth. But, contrast to what was expected, it was destroyed even before it lands.

At the same time…

Over 1 million of humans obtained the 'log-in system', where they can access the game called " World of Luck», and have a chance to travel and explore a fantasy-like world!

Soon, 4 years had passed, Adam, the protagonist of the story, was walking along the road and was soon dumbfounded by what appears before him…


[You received an invitation to enter the 'World of Luck']

[Do you want to accept it or not?]



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