I Can Become Stronger Just By Teaching
I Can Become Stronger Just By Teaching

I Can Become Stronger Just By Teaching

Naruto: Makoto-Sensei • 忍校教师,我教书就能变强

107Chapters 11.8KViews 57Bookmarked Ongoing Status

I Can Become Stronger Just By Teaching novel is a popular light novel covering Fantasy, Comedy, Slice of Life, Supernatural, Martial Arts, Adventure genres. Written by the author 桔子不黄. 107 chapters have been translated and translation of other chapters are in progress.


Makoto found himself in the world of Naruto, taking on the role of an ordinary chuunin teacher at the Konoha Ninja Academy, all while secretly being a member of the elusive Root Organization.

Fortunately, his newfound teacher system allowed him to grow stronger through teaching.

Determined to avoid becoming just another one of Danzo's expendable assets, Makoto wholeheartedly devoted himself to teaching and honing his own abilities.

[Congratulations on your first-ever lecture with an A rating!]

[You've earned the reward – Fire Element Proficiency.]

[Thanks to your guidance, Uchiha Shisui has made significant progress.]

[You've unlocked the reward – Fire Breathing Technique! (Modified to suit the Ninja World.)]

Under Makoto's tutelage, Shisui learned a vital lesson: the village's adversaries weren't limited to external nations; they could also lurk within. Those who passionately preach the Will of Fire throughout the day might not always adhere to its principles.

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